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About Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund (AGFUND), Inc.

Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund (AGFUND), Inc. Board of Directors
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND is a special fund which is dedicated to political involvement of farmers and ranchers. The full name is Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund (AGFUND), Inc. It is Farm Bureau’s approach to establish an organization similar to a political action committee (PAC). In reality, it is a “separate segregated fund” which is legally authorized to be “connected” to organizations such as Farm Bureau.
The Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund (AGFUND), Inc., is organized for the purpose of influencing the nomination, election, or selection to public office of qualified candidates in both state and federal elections who have demonstrated basic beliefs and/or actions which are consistent with Farm Bureau policies, regardless of political affiliation. Support for agriculture and property rights is a central theme of an AGFUND endorsement.

The state directors of the Texas Farm Bureau also serve as the governing body of AGFUND. Farm Bureau leaders make the decisions for endorsements.
What is Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND? 
The Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND, a political action committee (PAC), serves as the political voice for Texas Farm Bureau members. As advocates for Texas agriculture, AGFUND educates voters in important agricultural issues and the candidates who support the interests of Texas Farm Bureau members.

In the state of Texas, only individuals and PACs can contribute financially to political candidates. Solid candidates depend on help from PACs, like AGFUND. In 2010, AGFUND raised over $350,000 with 46% of the entire TFB membership contributing.

Who does Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND support?
Most legislators do not fully understand agricultural issues and their effect on all Texans. The majority of state lawmakers come from metropolitan cities and suburbs. In fact, only five state senators and 12 state representatives come from an agricultural background.

Each candidate is evaluated on his or her own merits. Endorsements are originated by local Farm Bureau leaders. We determine if an incumbent candidate voted for Farm Bureau policy positions or if a non-incumbent expresses greater support. Determinations for endorsement are made strictly on an individual basis—not on a political party basis.

Yet the population of the “Golden Triangle” of Texas, from Interstate 35 to Interstate 10 to Interstate 45, is projected to increase by 5.8 million people by 2030, according to the Texas State Data Center. In comparison, the entire state of Texas is expected to grow by 7.5 million in that same time frame—making the Golden Triangle responsible for 77% of the overall growth. Elections in this area will be critical to influence. It is important for legislators to understand that agricultural issues affect all Texans, not just farmers and ranchers.

Federal law prohibits Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND from soliciting contributions outside the restricted class. Contributions will be screened and those from persons outside the restricted class will be returned.
Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture (AGFUND), Inc.
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